Milk River Project

The Lifeline of the Hi-Line

Ongoing Projects

Stay up-to-date as structures throughout the Milk River and St. Mary system move through the planning, design, and construction phases.


This early 20th-century federal project provides water for over 140,000 acres of private and tribally irrigated agricultural lands. Stay up to date with current water conditions here.  

Wildlife & Recreational Benefits

The Milk River flows over 700 miles creating incredible wildlife habitats, hunting, and recreational benefits.

What is the Milk River Project?

The Milk River Project is beyond remarkable. With over a century of successful operation, this engineering feat diverts water from the St. Mary River on the Blackfeet Reservation, flowing through northern Montana and Glacier National Park, and across southern Alberta, Canada. This project is a testament to the intricate canals, siphons, and diversions designed for a seamless flow of water. The Milk River Project is essential to fulfill Montana’s water demands, catering to eight irrigation districts, Reclamation pump contracts, private contracts, the Blackfeet and Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, and other living communities along the Milk River. The project has created numerous recreational opportunities for the surrounding inhabitants, contributing to the ecosystem’s prosperity and wildlife habitats. With such a prominent and successful project, the Milk River Project has proven to be a symbol of limitless possibilities.

Benefits to Montana’s Economy

How the Milk River Project has been providing to Northern Montana for over 100 years.


Residents provided drinking water


People fed annually


 Acres of irrigated lands




River miles of wildlife habitat and recreation

Milk River Project Partners