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Saint Mary Diversion Facilities

St. Mary Printable Map

St Mary Supply System

Project Topo Map

Milk River Project Engineering Documents

St. Mary Canal System Improvement Plan

November 2022

St. Mary O-M Reference Guide

August 2006

Structural Eval of Canal Bridges

August 2007

Hydrologic Design Considerations

July 28, 2006

Hydropower Feasibility Study

March 2007

Phase 1 Engineering Report

February 11, 2005

Regional Feasibility Report

October 2004

Feasibility – Preliminary Engineering Report

August 2006

Fresno Dam Safety of Dams Modification FONSI

September 2021

Environmental and Endangered Species

St. Mary Diversion Dam Biological Opinion from US Fish & Wildlife Services

September 2020

St. Mary River Bull Trout Passage US Fish ad Wildlife Services

May 2004

MRIP Order Dismiss


St. Mary Biological Assessment 2020

April 2020

Milk River Project Documents

International Joint Commission – Division of the Waters 1993


1909 Boundary Waters Treaty

Milk River Project Ability to Pay Study

September 2022

International Joint Commission 1921 Order

October 1921

Fresno Dam Safety of Dams Modification FONSI

September 2021

Fresno Reservoir Allocation Allowances

June 2016

Siphons Slide Deck


Milk River Basin Study

March 2012